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Achieving Optimal Weight
By: Corey Slade

The Healthy Hash aims to simplify and make practical points from a very busy and confusing hash of world health information.

Achieving Optimal Weight in a healthy way must combine proper diet & exercise. Whilst exercise alone will deliver numerous health benefits, without proper diet you will not maintain any short term weight losses for the long term.

 Losing more than 0.5-1kg per week is not ideal as metabolically this cannot be fat but rather muscle protein and water.

 Use a combination of moderate to high intensity resistance and endurance/cardio training.

 Reduce caloric intake to 800-2000kj or 190-478 calories less than your daily energy expenditure.

However, don’t aim for anymore than this as your resting metabolic rate, therefore your energy use will be reduced.

To give you an example of how much food this is to reduce per day I’ve selected a few random food items;

2 X slices of white bread = 132 calories, 2 X medium tomatoes = 88 calories,

2 X large eggs = 180 calories, 50g bag of potato crisps = 271 calories

As you can see it wouldn’t be hard to do this every day especially if you focus on reducing the unhealthy or processed foods as these are much higher in fat & therefore calories generally speaking.

By the way don’t reduce your target calories in just one sitting, by starving or skipping a meal or replacing with a shake but instead reduce throughout the whole day. An easy way to do this is to simply reduce the size of your meal plate. Measure the reduction of grams the first few times with a set of kitchen scales so you get the idea and off you go! But remember you’re not allowed to stack the food higher or go for seconds!

To find out the caloric score for a particular food simply google ‘nutrient makeup of food’ or contact me…goodluck.

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by Corey Slade of Thinking Fitness Online Lifestyle Coaching

Added: 27-11-2011