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Become motivated to reach your goals!
By: Fitness and Muscle Australia

Almost everybody finds it difficult to arrange time to train. That is why in this article I have listed six ways to get more out of each day. In addition to training, reading this article will help you in your daily chores too.

This may sound irrelevant, but it is not. The less you have to struggle with your daily chores, the more you have time to train and the better results you will get.

1. Get Organized

Organization is important. Anyone, who wants to be effective, must organize each day. First, you must think about your goals. The world is moving faster than before, and that is why it is important to recognize the things that you want to achieve. You cannot concentrate on everything therefore you need to decide what are your primary goals.

After you have prioritized what is most important in your life you can organize your days. The before mentioned can be done pretty easily, but the hard part is yet to come.

Now, there is no point in making plans, if you do not stick with those plans. Therefore you should never deviate from your routine. Commitment is the key word. If you want to be successful at life, you need to co-ordinate your time well and you ought to have a proper schedule.

2. Write It Down

Write down your goals and everything that must be done to achieve those goals. You ought to do this in order to keep a clear mind. It may sound old-fashioned and boring, but just do it. It is worth it. Average person has so many things to remember in an ordinary day that it is almost impossible to learn them by heart.

By writing down your goals, you can check what needs to be done and what you have already taken care of. Easy, yet, effective.

It does not matter whether you make these notes in the morning or before going to sleep, but there is no way you can accomplish your goals if you do not do it. Try it, you will be surprised to see how well it works.

3. Avoid Temptations

There are so many things that can distract your attention that it is good to think about them for a while. For instance telephones, stereos, Internet, DVD players, movies, friends and your family are all time-consuming and they can make your day a failure.

Okay, so does this mean that a person, who wants to be successful, must abandon all the above mentioned things? No, it does not. Just do not think about your friends or watching TV until you have finished your duties.

Your friends will not vanish in one day and you can call your mother later. Make no excuses - you must accomplish your objectives, otherwise you have failed. Again commitment is the key. So do not let temptations get in your way!

4. Search For Other Success-Orientated People

Batman has Robin, Ronaldo has Beckham, Lucky Luke has Jolly Jumper and the list goes on and on - almost all the successful persons have their partners. There is no point in trying to do everything by yourself. This does not mean that a partner would somehow make your task easier - he or she can just drop helpful hints to you and it is up to you to decide whether you take the person's hints or not.

Utilize your family and friends during your most hectic times, and help them in return when your load is lighter. This is something that some of you will find hard to do, but you just need to trust your closest friends and family members. You cannot do it all by yourself!

It is common knowledge that, for instance, all the most successful businessmen have caring wives/girlfriends. Some think that they do not play big parts in their husbands� lives, but - trust me - they do! They take care of the house chores and all the other stuff, so that their spouses can concentrate on working. This is something that ought not to be belittled!

5. Combine

This is something that sounds so easy, but still so many of us do not understand it. Lack of combining is the reason why ordinary people run across the streets over and over again just like headless chickens.

To illustrate my point, let's take my last Friday. I was in a hurry to go to a food store, and I was of the opinion that I have no time to write down the other things that I must do. I ran to the supermarket and bought all the goods that I considered significant. When I returned to my apartment, I noticed that I had forgotten half of the goods that I was supposed to buy. Irritatingly enough, most of the goods that I forgot to buy were in a store next to the supermarket.

Does this sound familiar to you too? Well, it should not. I learned from my mistake, and you do not have to make the same mistake to learn from it. Learn from my mistake and combine your chores! You can also combine workouts, when you are short of time. After all, it is something is better than nothing.

6. Be Realistic

Whatever you do, be realistic. This does not mean that you should underestimate your skills. Set your goals high and then do your utmost to reach them. If you work hard enough, you won�t fail.

Separate your goals from your daydreams, so that you know what you really want. You need to find the balance between realism and optimism, so that you can avoid setting your goals either too high or too low.

The professionals do it, so why should not you?

All the professional bodybuilders and fitness models conform to those above mentioned "rules of succeeding", so why should not you? Some of those may sound difficult to follow and irritating to obey, but, oddly enough, they make your life easier. They do not make your life harder in any way, in contrast, these "rules" relieve stress and help you achieve more successful life.

Try it for a week. What do you got to lose? Nothing. So get organized, write down your goals, avoid temptations, search for other success-orientated people, combine your chores and be realistic. All this so that you can train properly and get better results.

Added: 28-05-2009