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Get a six-pack WITHOUT sit-ups
By: Ben Kimstra

If you’re someone who’s looking to develop a strong core but hate the thought of yet another round of sit-ups performed on the ab mats, it’s time to look beyond sit-ups and learn how you can get a strong core sit-up free.

The great news is that it’s perfectly possibly to work the entire core of the body without ever having to go through another crunch or crunch variation again.

Let’s have a quick look at the main things that you should note so that you can say so-long to sit-ups forever.

Perform More Dumbbell Moves On An Exercise Ball!

The very first way that you can challenge the core without having to do crunches is to perform more of your exercises on an exercise ball. Any time you reduce your base of support, you’re going to force the body to work that much harder to stay balanced. This will get every single muscle fiber deep within the core contracting maximally.

Great examples that can be done on an exercise ball include shoulder presses, chest presses, lateral raises, bicep curls, as well as overhead tricep extensions.

Utilize The Plank And It’s Variations!

The next move that you want to be sure is in your program to work the abs without having to perform standard crunches is the plank with all of its variations. The basic plank exercise is ideal for beginners and then beyond that, turn to the plank on one foot, the plank with the feet or hands raised up on an exercise ball, or the side plank.

The plank, being that it is an isometric contraction exercise, will require your muscles to maintain a constant state of tension throughout the movement.

When doing the plank exercise, always be absolutely sure that you are maintaining proper form however as the second you move out of form is the second that you place yourself at risk for severe back pain.

If you need to stop and rest, do so and then pick right back up when you’re ready.

A Super Strong Core Is Guaranteed With Kettlebell Training!

Finally, the last way that you can work the abs without having to turn to sit-ups is to take up kettlebell training.

Kettlebell swings are a perfect way to challenge the core as well as work every other muscle in the body as well. Performing these will target your shoulders, back, abs, glutes, quads, as well as your hamstrings, so not only will it help to build up more ab strength, it’ll also be a fantastic calorie burning activity, which will mean that it’ll help torch fat quickly and allow you to see greater ab definition.

More and more people are starting to look into kettlebell training as a means to replace their traditional dumbbell workouts, so if you’ve never checked it out, it’s definitely something to consider.

So there you have the top ways that you can work the abs without having to do a single crunch. Get these in your workout program and you’ll be seeing enhanced muscle definition like you’ve never seen before and have a renewed interest in your approach.

Added: 24-10-2011