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What to look for before hiring a PT
By: Anthony Gillespie

So you are considering personal training?




There is no doubt It is the fastest path to fitness success.


But first there are some things that may be on your mind –


●      “I could always just join a gym”


This is probably not a question you are still asking because most of our clients have already tried this one...numerous times. They got all enthused in January and with all guns blazing fizzled out by February and were still paying for it in December! The truth is that gyms are designed for people who are self sufficient in their exercise. If this were you, I don’t imagine you would be considering personal training


●      “I might just get started and see how I go”


This is not the way to go for 99% of people. In order to get the best results you need to COMMIT  to a plan of action. Life long results (which is what everyone should be after) do not come with a 8-12 week program. Kickstart programs can get you started well but permanent behaviour change, the type that says your exercise and healthy eating plan is a non-negotiable part of your life, takes at least 6 and usually 12 months or more. Some of our clients even keep training with us beyond this because they know they will never push themselves like we will. That’s okay because we do have maintenance programs beyond your initial program.


●      “I don’t want to spend so much money”


There is no doubt you will need to make a significant investment to get this sorted. If years have gone by and kilos have piled on, what cost to the quality of  your life have you incurred? It is funny how people won’t questions small fortunes spent on inanimate objects like cars, plasma TV’s etc and even life destroying habits like smoking and alcohol. Making an investment in your most prized asset to set you on the path for a fantastic energy-filled life, looking great and feeling happy will be the best money you ever spend.


●      Why Best Practice Personal Training?


You could choose a trainer that will charge you less per hour and seemingly save you a few dollars. But, first some serious questions to ask. Are you getting ‘sessions’ or a program with guaranteed results?


Best Practice have a unique double guarantee. No. 1 “Train with us for 2 weeks and if you don’t think we are as good as we say we are, we will refund you 100% of monies paid and we part friends”. No.2 and this is the big one - “If you don’t achieve the goal we set in the time frame we nominate you will keep training with us for FREE until you do!” Try getting that out of a gym!!


1.       Qualifications? All trainers with Best Practice have a university degree in exercise science related study.

2.       Experience? All trainers with us have trained themselves for years and continue to live it as part of their life.

3.       Environment? Best practice trains out of the iconic Valley Pool utilising the water, the great outdoors and indoors with our unique ‘computrainer’ virtual reality cycle sessions, the fun kickbike and functional strength training. We even teach proper Pilates.

4.       Tools? Best Practice provide clients have exclusive use of an online training diary which helps us (and you) track progress and also get in to a habit of exercising and eating well.

5.       Group training? Best practice provides group sessions as part of your program so you can build variation in to your training schedule. You will also get to hang out with other people making the same changes as you.


One last thing. I think there is no better place in Brisbane to do personal training. We have been here for over 6 years and have had some great results with our clients. We are keen to work with people who are ready to make the change. We look forward to hearing from you.


Check out our program prices and description options.


Decide if you are really ready and then give us a call to book your initial consultation with myself.




Kind regards, Anthony Gillespie

B Sp Sc, B Sc; Psych HONS

Added: 21-10-2011