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Certificate III and IV in personal training.


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Emma Laitala


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MyoFunction Personal Training was formed by Emma Laitala in November 2005. And in April 2009 MyoFunction Personal Training Studio was opened.

Emma’s clients have experienced amazing results, especially in these areas:

* Injury recovery and prevention, for example regaining strength and function after a knee operation.
* Regaining healthy weight - using nutrition and exercise to help people lose fat gained over years in just a few months.
* Reduction in pain and stiffness, ridding people of serious back pain.
* Improving lifestyle habits and reducing stress, supporting people to give up smoking or get balance back in their life.
* Improving running technique, helping people recover from injury to be able to run again.
* Setting and reaching specific fitness goals for clients, such as a first fun run or triathlon.

Emma completed a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Melbourne in 1997. She then travelled and worked overseas while training in martial arts. It was on this trip that she gained a passion for fitness training.

On returning to Melbourne, Emma worked in the fitness industry for several years. She began working as a personal trainer in April 2005 after completing Certificate IV in Personal Training. Since then she has kept up her education, to make sure her clients get access to the latest thinking in the fitness industry.


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